Raising G(od)-Rated K.I.D.Z. in an X-rated World

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aim High

My kids had a toy bow and arrow and shot it around the yard (and house) when they were little. Did they ever just shoot them randomly? Maybe, but they got more out of their play when they started trying to hit things. Now that they are older, they have a learner set with a target. They get excited when they hit the bull's eye! Why? They are aiming for something; they have their eye on a goal. In Phil. 3:14, Paul writes about working to reach the prize of a life lived in Jesus. We have problems in life when we haphazardly wander through our days. If we fix our eyes on Jesus, and aim high, God only knows what we can achieve!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My son, Sam, plays baseball. Once and a while he gets put in a dangerous position behind homeplate & catches an inning or two. They make him wear special equipment to protect him. The helmet with a mask protects his face and head from foul tips off the bat. His padded glove keeps his hand from stinging after catching hard throws. The chest pad covers the middle of his body and his shin guards protect his knees & legs. (they even require a cup) In Eph. 6, Paul writes that we need to wear our spiritual gear to protect us from the devil's schemes. We should put on the belt of truth so the "father of lies" cannot trick us. The breatplate of righteousness protects us from doing wrong. The gospel of peace and shield of faith will keep satan's seeds of doubt and worry from harming us. The helmet of salvation reminds us that we are God's children. And being armed with the sword of the spirit-the Word of God-is the most powerful weapon against the evil one. A catcher wouldn't think of catching an inning without his equipment on. No one should enter the game of life without the proper gear!


Sunday, April 15, 2012


Did you see the two tall players on the winning Men's and Women's basketball teams in the NCAAs? Wow! Anthony Davis was blocking or altering almost every shot. And Britteny Griener was dominating, even dunking during two games! What if all 5 kids on the court were super long and tall? Wouldn't that be the best team ever-no! They'd probably loose their fair share od games. Those tall kids usually have trouble dribbling in traffic and aren't the best outside stooters. Little guards could dribble around them since nig kids aren't that quick on the perimeter either. That's how Paul described the church in 1 Cor. 12:27. We all have different talents and abilities that God has gifted us with for His service. If we all could sing, who would preach? If we all could dance, then who would sew quilts? Just like the puzzle pieces in the cross above-remember the old coaches acrosstic: Together Everyone Achieves More!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News On The Street

"What a Yo-Yo!"
Have you ever seen a Yo-Yo master do tricks? They are unreal! I've tried to do some, but I usually get all tangled and messed up. Have you noticed where every tricks starts? The Yo-Yo is in the palm of the master's hand. That reminds me of Jesus this Easter Morning. In John 10:28 He said that we are His sheep and no one can snatch us from His hand. When we give our hearts to Jesus, no matter how far we stray, through ups and downs, or if we mess up, as long as we stay connected to Him, we are only a gentle tug away from His comforting, forgiving, loving hand. New Life in Christ-No strings Attached:)
Mr. Dave


2012 Palm Sunday Parade

We had a great time following the donkey around the Independence Square at 9:30am on Palm Sunday. We gathered with other churches on the square for a lovely worship service at the steps of the court house and a warm pararde. It was neat to join with our neighbors in Christ to publicly announce our excitement in Christ!


Saturday, April 7, 2012


The weather was kind and cleared off for us just before noon so we could enjoy or annual KIDZ Street Egg Hunt! The turn out was very good considering the cold and wetness. Candy and prizes were enjoyed by all-a special thanks to those that braved the rain and help spread eggs at the last minute:)


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Believe In Love

During the month of February our KIDZ have been delivering Valentines, Thanks-yous, Get well cards, etc... to FBC members during our Fellowship time. Members were encouraged to give a donation to the Baptist Children's Home in lue of affixing a stamp and mailing their card. FBC-you are awesome! We raised $179.25 for the Baptist Children's Home. Wow-that's alot of stamps!